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Relics of the Underworld

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They fought Vikings. Survived conquistadors. Fell in love. Now, one last battle awaits...and it'll be their toughest yet.

Freya and Brennan barely have time to settle in their new romance when tragedy strikes. Sick of waiting for the axe to drop, Freya convinces her partner it's time to fight back.

Armed with only the knowledge gained from their respective objects of the power, the two start on a perilous journey to find and destroy the Relics of the Underworld.

Unfortunately, they are not the only ones in search of the mythical treasures. Raksh, more determined than ever to free Set, comes up with his most evil plan yet.

From Scotland to Slovakia and Egypt, this last installment is packed with action and surprises at every turn, while the gods observe their champions and each challenge they face.

As Freya and Brennan get closer to their goal, neither is aware of the ultimate sacrifice awaiting them - nor the ancient god pulling their strings

Book III in a completed young adult urban fantasy trilogy with two snarky teens, plenty of bad guys, and some divine help - and hindrance. Perfect for teens of all ages!
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