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The Last Enemy: Lonesome Lawmen 1

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Step into a thrilling chase with "The Last Enemy," the first installment in the gripping Lonesome Lawmen series by renowned author Pauline Baird Jones. This fast-paced romantic suspense novel keeps you on the edge of your seat, intertwining the fear of a ruthless killer with an unexpected love story. 

In the heart of Denver, Dani Gwynne emerges as a crucial witness, holding the power to confine a brutal murderer. Following her son's haunting death, surviving to testify is her only goal, until her safehouse gets breached. Thrust into Denver's bustling streets, Dani embarks on a desperate survival journey...

Deputy US Marshal Matthew Kirby, the sole barrier between an innocent woman and her relentless pursuer, faces a unique challenge. Locating Dani amidst Denver's vast expanse was supposed to be the most arduous part of his task, but earning her trust adds a fresh layer of complexity. As unexpected feelings bloom, both face unprecedented danger...

"The Last Enemy" is a suspenseful mystery infused with romance, renowned for its fast-paced action, compelling relationships, and engaging dialogue. Perfect for fans of mystery novels with a touch of romance, and those who appreciate well-crafted dialogue and plot twists.

Discover why Pauline Baird Jones is beloved by fans of romantic suspense novels. Purchase "The Last Enemy" today and plunge into a thrilling, mile-high mystery that'll leave you asking for more!