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Criminally Insane: The Series (A Box Set of Three Novels)

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All three books of the Criminally Insane series in one bundle/box set, DRM-FREE. Plus you SAVE 20% off the price of the whole series. Want to save a bit more? Use the coupon code included in every issue of Douglas Clegg News (subsribe here.)

The Box Set includes: Bad Karma, Red Angel and Night Cage. The Darden State Hospital for Criminal Justice is packed with sociopaths and murderers. And sometimes, they escape…

This edition in ebook no longer available on Amazon. Why? Amazon has some restrictions that on some level is not good for independent publishing. No other bookseller online has this problem. But if you want an edition you can read on your Kindle, this is the place to get it.


“Escape me? Never…” – Beautiful but deadly Agnes Hatcher is the most ruthless sociopathic killer that the hospital for criminal justice has ever known. And she wants out – now. From award-winning novelist Douglas Clegg comes a fast-paced suspense thriller of heart-pounding terror set along the Southern California coast.


A relentless killer has struck again — and the innocent victims are found with bird wings around their neck. Called the Red Angel killer — and terrifying southern California residents — he is hunted by rookie cop Jane Laymon and Trey Campbell.


Douglas Clegg brings us back to the terrifying corridors of the Darden State Hospital for Criminal Justice. As fires rage in the hills above the hospital, Bloody Mary and her son “Doc” are on a murdering rampage in southern California.

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