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Here's the thing with little skeins: if you don't swatch with them, how can you plan a project? But if you swatch, you've used up lots of your yarn! Introducing Mini Drama, a flexible pattern for making the most of your mini skeins, half skeins, scraps, or gradient packs.

For additional information about this pattern, including a download of the complete schematic, additional photos, and tester credits, please visit the pattern page.


Begin with a few stitches at the center top neck, and work flat to the points of the triangle.


**Shawlette size:** 52.5" (130.5 cm) wingspan, 23" (58.5 cm) deep.

**Shawl size:** 82" (208.5 cm) wingspan, 36" (91 cm) deep.

Project size can be adjusted by working more or fewer rows and varying the stripe pattern.

**Sample 1 (shawlette)**
Shown in Sprinkled Fibers 2 Ply Sock, using a gradient pack of 5 mini skeins and one full-sized skein in the main color. Patterns often include some padding to accommodate variation in yarn usage by knitters.

The actual yarn used in this sample was 440 (400 m) yards of gradient minis and 260 yards (240 m) of the main color, exclusive of tassels.

**Sample 2 (full-sized shawl)**
Shown in Leading Men Fiber Arts Showstopper: Intermission, using 5 skeins of contrasting colors and three skeins of the main color.

The actual yarn used in this sample was 890 yards (810 m) of contrasting colors and 610 yards (560 m) of the main color. From top neck to point, colors used were Dust in the Wind, Dirty Truce, Perfection, The Haunted Wood, Gothic Queen and Vintage Sleigh Ride. For exact yardage, see pattern webpage to download complete schematic and yardage for both sizes.


27 rows and 41 sts in linen stitch, after wet blocking. Gauge is not critical for this project, although working at a different gauge will impact yardage.

**Techniques used**

* Working directional increases
* Slipping stitches to create an i-cord edging


* One stitch marker
* List item

Tapestry needle


Tech Edit: Heather Storta
Photography: Anna-Lisa Miller
Earrings, sample 1: Isabel Vassiliadis
Earrings, sample 2: Marisa Herron
You will get a PDF (3MB) file

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