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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching Certification Course

The next 2019 Specialized Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching Certification Course has been scheduled for October 2019. Seating is limited - PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS CLASS S NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR ADMISSIONS!!

Have you already embarked on your own personal healing journey after narcissistic, emotional or psychological abuse? Have you experienced the JOY that is felt when you finally feel like YOU again?? Isn’t it amazing when you finally feel COMFORTABLE  in your own skin, finally free of toxic relationships and are ENJOYING the life you know you were meant to live... as the best version of yourself? Does that joy motivate you tto want to help others that are not quite as far on their healing journey? Life coaching is an amazing profession that allows you to change people’s lives, make a difference in others and earn a decent income by doing what you are passionate about. 


This is a 6 month intensive class that meets once a week on an online app called zoom. If you are unable to attend the class personally, each class is recorded and uploaded to a private facebook group. The total cost for the course is $1,200 - payable in installments of $200/month.




I was born into a family where narcissistic abuse was generational abuse, my parents, my grandparents, AND MY GREAT GRANDPARENTS!!!!. But thank God I finally came out of the fog and  stopped the cycle for good!!!!. After 32 year of narcissistic abuse from famiy and significant others I put an end to it all and began the most rewarding journey of my life - the road back to me!!! I had no idea that as part of my healing journey I would have the amazing honor of helping so many others to heal as well. The phrase 'making lemonade out of lemons' pales to describe the amazing life that I now have. I have turned a horrible past experience into a successful endeavor that enriches my life by helping so many incredible people from all over the world. I have worked with people in Canada, Africa, Pakistan, London, Australia, Argentina and all over the United States!!! This new life allows me to travel as oppossed to feeling a prisoner both physcially and emotionally while I was with the narcissist. I am truly free of the bondages of narcissistic abuse and I am so excited to say that I have put together a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching Program for anyone interested in doing the same!!!

I have been asked to mentor others that would like to get involved with life coaching and that's what motivated me to put together this program, I am a learning addict and have taken many certification programs ( NLP Practiioner Certification, Trauma Recovery, Kinesiology, Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner, Fitness Coach Certification)  I admit,  ALL of them together helped me to form my life coaching practice in the most effective way possible, but there was not ONE course that stood out on its own that I felt could be truly beneficial for helping victims of narcissistic abuse specifically - and honestly, who has the time and money to devote to so many different certification courses????

Well, now there's only one and it is specifically designed to help YOU not only become certified as a Narcisistic Abuse Recovery Coach, but it's designed to give you EVERYTHING you need in order to be a successful coach. The class will begin in November 2018 and there is a limit of 7 spaces available.

What you will learn in this certification course:

*MODULE 1 Setting Up Your Office
     - Analyze Coaching, Counseling and Mentoring
     - Legal aspects involved - Insurance, Contracts, Discovery Documents, Confidentiality
     - 11 Core Competecies of coaching in line with ICF (International Coaching Federation)
     - Code of Ethics of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaches
*MODULE 2- Launching Your Business
     - Business Plan Development
     - Mission Statement
     - Focus on Ideal Client
     - Strategy for Passive Income as well as Active Income
     - Social Media Platforms
     - Marketing Strategies
     - Platforms to sell for those without a website
     - Time Management Skills & Scheduling
*Module 3- Coaching Communication
     - Emotional Literacy combined with coaching communication
     - The difference between coaching conversations and conversations with friends/family
     - 3 Stages of healing of Narcissistic Abuse Victims
     - Coaching communication guidelines
     - Peer coaching in breakout rooms
     - How to have a successful YouTube channel
     - How to use the zoom app to coach internationally
        Intense Interactive LIve Coaching Sessions
     - Analzye live sessions with volunteer clients
     - Learn how to set up a focal point & steer client gently
     - Communication Blockers
     - Analyze and practice active listening & open ended questions to gather information
     - Practice peer coaching - information gathering, how to keep focused on clients persepective &       honoring them as experts in themselves
     - Analyze what your Archetype is and how it will affect your coaching
     - Learn how to strategize goals with clients and what accountability looks like
     - Each week we will practice the skills we are learning in the breakout rooms
*Module 4 Tools to Assist Others on Their Healing Journey
            a) Bottom Up Approach to Healing including exercises that calm your energy body and help break                           you out of fight or flight including mindful meditation, calming triple warmer meridian, Healing the amygdala.
            b) Tools to break free of narcissistic people (grey rock, broken record technique, observe don’t 
absorb, etc)
            c) How to Overcome Emotional Flashbacks
            d) Self-love, Self-care including developing a compassionate inner dialogue, boundaries, etc.
            e) How to Live Mindfully Present - end rumination and walking on egg shells
            f) Re-parenting or self- parenting
            In this module we will also examine 4f Trauma Responses and learn an NLP technique regarding modalities that can be helpful for parents to help their children or for those dealing with a narcissist currently.
*Module 5 - Fishbowl Peer Coaching

     - Rhe final month of coaching is dedicated to peer coaching practice, putting all that was learned into practice.

Honestly - there is so much more, and I am so thrillled to begin this class!!! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

I am honored to mentor you all so that you too can become successful Self-Love/Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaches - there is such a need for people that truly 'get it' and can help others and I'm so happy to be a part of a community that is expanding to help others.


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$ 200.00

$ 200.00

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