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Exile's Hunter (Alien Mates: Planet Exile Book 1)

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Guerran is no place for pretty human women, but tough-as-nails Kenzie will walk through hell to
find her abducted sister.

When her search puts her in Mad's path she isn't sure whether she should kiss him or stab him. He's as handsome as the devil, and practically a giant with a huge... axe. The aliens on Guerran are criminals and she can't trust him. But she needs a guide and Mad is her only hope. She certainly can't fall for him. No matter how much he makes her yearn.

Guerran is the dumping ground for Kru'dari criminals and Mad has been ekeing out a life there for six years. But when Kenzie appears, suddenly he's thinking about the future and one word keeps ringing in his head.


He will protect her from the worst Guerran has to offer as she throws herself into its darkest corners in her desperate search for her sister. And he'll fight an Exile King to keep her safe, but can he convince the human woman to take a chance on him once the battle is through?
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