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Nobody's Library vol 3 (ebook)

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Inric's quest continues, tracking down missing books world by world - but he is no longer alone. The last scholar mage of the Great Library has become the first of the library's new community; a mismatched assortment of scholars, scribes, and librarians, not to mention an occasional dragon.

As well as books and companions, Inric’s investigations have also brought to light disturbing inaccuracies among the Great Library records. The world of Lisgaros, for example, the subject of his next search, was only briefly visited by his people. But Inric’s queries lead him to scholars researching the history and folklore of a small community who bear a striking resemblance to his own people, and whose language sounds very much like Eldarin. How deep does the hidden history of Lisgaros go, and what were the ancient links to Inric's home?

But before Inric can do much research into these questions, Copper, his oldest companion, vanishes. Finding the bookwyrm is going to bring Inric into much more direct contact with that ancient history - and its ancient grudges - than he had ever wanted...

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