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The Myth Of Germ Theory

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With the germ theory of disease, no longer did we have to take responsibility for sickness caused by our own transgressions of the laws of health. Instead, we blamed germs that invaded the body.

The germ theory effectively shifted our personal responsibility for health and well-being onto the shoulders of the medical profession who supposedly knew how to kill off the offending germs. Our own personal health slipped from our control.

Disease, once more, is not caused by germs but by the toxic state of the body which allows the germ to flourish. This deranged state of the organism is the outgrowth of violating our biological requirements, and is no chance or haphazard condition.

It is this diseased condition that creates an environment favourable to the mutation of bacteria into those associated with specific disease, and to their increasing virulence and proliferation.

A state of internal cleanliness, therefore, is essential for health and well-being. A pure bloodstream, free unimpeded circulation of all body fluids, and unobstructed excretion generate and maintain healthy tissue. Virulent bacteria soon die in this environment for want of suitable nourishment.

If the microbe is to have any part in causing disease, it must find an organism that produces suitable soil for its metabolic activities. We cannot avoid germs for they are everywhere—we must be proof against them. We avoid disease only by keeping ourselves in such a state of health that germs are powerless against us.

Medical Rationale of "Susceptibility" and "Resistance"
Everyone has literally trillions of fungi, bacteria and viruses in their body even when healthy.
When physicians are confronted with this, they say that disease is not caused by these agencies because "you are not susceptible" or because "your resistance is high".

This is a cop-out, saying that these agents do not cause dis-ease, but those factors which dispose us to susceptibility do, since the word "susceptible" means that the criterion which establishes susceptibility is the actual cause of disease, and not the micro-organism or the agency blamed. This cop-out confirms that the supposed contagious agents—bacteria, viruses and fungi— do not cause disease.
The actual cause is whatever causes susceptibility or low resistance.

If we maintain our body in a clean, healthy state then germs are irrelevant, for susceptibility does not exist. The concept of susceptibility is really the medical rationale which admits that bacteria only proliferate when the internal physiological condition warrants it.

To repeat, it is an admission that an unclean environment is really the cause of disease—for if germs were the cause of disease, everyone exposed to the harmful germ would become sick with the same illness.

When the condition of susceptibility is introduced into medical theory to describe disease causation, the condition of the host is then of primary importance in the production of disease.

Virologists admit, however, that although viruses are distinctive and definitely organic in nature, they have no metabolism, cannot be replicated in the laboratory, do not possess any characteristics of living things and, in fact, have never been observed alive!!

Drugs Are Counterproductive
To kill off bacteria and viruses to enable the body a chance to recover, medics believe that they must administer drugs. They also believe that medicine assists in healing. Drugs indeed kill off bacteria, but they are just as deadly to all forms of metabolic life including human cells.

The use of drugs and herbal medicines sabotage the body's detoxification efforts by posing an additional threat to the system besides the vile substances it was ejecting via the disease process. Eliminating the newly ingested offending substance now takes precedence over those which caused the healing crisis in the first place.

The medical practice of killing germs with drugs, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents or serums to suppress germ activity is the cause of increasing degeneration of the population and iatrogenic disease.

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