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Fourth Time's A Cure (Grimalkin Academy: Kittens #4)

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I'm so close to having the answer, so why am I still cursed?

With my friends, kittens, and guys around, I'm starting to feel like I have a grip on what's going on. All I have to do is experiment until I stop conjuring kittens every time I do magic. And let's not forget the black magic plot that's afoot. I know something's going on, but I need to know more if I'm to clear our names. 

Then there's the Dean's threat. I don't want to be expelled, and I'm going to do everything in my power to stop it from happening.


Fourth Time's A Cure is the fourth book of the Grimalkin Academy: Kittens series. It continues Mona's story and contains a low heat reverse harem romance.
You will get a PDF (30KB) file

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