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This Time Is Trouble (Grimalkin Academy: Kittens #6/HEA)

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Mona, Ryan, and Rhubarb are causing havoc on the dig of their dreams.

Now her curse is lifted, Mona has a chance to follow her dream of becoming an archaeologist. When a chance to take part in one comes up, she can't refuse, even if it means leaving her kittens, Caspian, and Thomas behind for a few weeks.

Everything is going to plan until Mona and Ryan find themselves lost in a tomb and in need a kitten to come to the rescue.

Luckily for them, Rhubarb has come along for the ride.
This Time Is Trouble is book six of Grimalkin Academy, and is a HEA story for Mona, an urban fantasy academy series featuring two best friends, lots of kittens, and a low-heat poly romantic subplot.

If you enjoy paranormal academy, cute familiars, light-hearted romance, witches, and friendship, you should start the Grimalkin Academy series today. 
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