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Abs Farah

How To Sell Digital Art Online: Here’s the Easy Way

Last updated: February 9, 2022

Many artists and visually creative people have found the evolution of the internet highly liberating. Learning how to sell digital art online has opened new opportunities to sell their creations. The best part is that there are fewer people looking to take a cut from every sale between creators and their customers.

But for every artist earning a healthy income through new online channels there are probably many equally creative people wondering how to get started.

If that sounds familiar and you’re one of the many creators wondering how to sell digital art online – this is for you. We’ll talk you through the basics and show you just how easy it is to earn a passive income from your creations.

What Is Digital Art?

Digital art could be scans of pictures you’ve created including oils, watercolours, drawings or whatever medium you love to work in.

It can also be clip art, templates, backgrounds for invitations and handbills, stencils and more. The definition of digital art also includes photographs, stickers and wall art.

If it can be defined as an artwork there’s almost certainly an opportunity to sell it online.

Creating Digital Art

Digital art doesn’t have to be created in a digital environment. Investing in a good quality scanner will allow you to convert your pictures into downloadable digital files such as JPEGs or PDFs. 

One thing to consider here is the size of the scanner bed. Most budget scanners are set up for standard paper sizes such as A4. If you typically create artwork larger than this you will either need a larger scanner or learn how to scan individual sections and stitch them together in a software tool like Photoshop.

It’s worth remembering that your customers can enlarge the image when they print it (so long as you scan with a high enough resolution). As most printers work at 300 dots per inch (dpi), scanning at 300 dpi will offer plenty of resolution – even for larger pints.

The only thing to bear in mind is that higher resolution means larger files. Many artists choose to upload different sized files to their online store so that customers can select whichever one works best. Payhip allows individual files up to 5GB, which is generally more than enough.

Will I Need Any Other Equipment?

A fairly highly specced PC or iMac will certainly make the job easier. You’ll need plenty of memory to manipulate those large files and a good quality screen that represents colours faithfully.

We mentioned Photoshop earlier. This is a great tool for cleaning up your digital files and removing backgrounds. It’s pretty easy to use and there are online tutorials to help. Cleaning digital files is particularly important if your customers want to enlarge their prints.

Pricing and Promotion

If you’re new to online selling, deciding how much to charge can be the trickiest part. It’s a question of finding the sweet spot that allows you to earn an income and build a following while not selling yourself short.

Research how much similar products from similar creators are selling for online. And remember, you can always increase prices as you grow your reputation and profile.

When it comes to promotion, social media – particularly Instagram – is likely to be your best friend. Be active and concentrate on connecting and building your following. If you can get somebody with a large established following to like your work this is gold dust.

How to Sell Digital Art – Choosing Your Platform

There are several online platforms you can use to sell digital art, including Payhip. What most creators look for is something that’s flexible, easy to use and which doesn’t charge a big fee just to ‘play.’

Once you’ve uploaded your files customers can download and pay for them in Payhip without you having to do anything. This leaves you more time to create more art.

Payhip has a free-forever option where you can sell digital art and never pay a monthly or yearly fee. When you start to sell more you can explore the pricing plan that works best for you.

We’ve also made the platform exceptionally easy to use – whether that’s setting up your storefront, uploading digital artwork, connecting PayPal or Stripe accounts, or linking to your own website.

Best of all, you get paid immediately for every download and there’s always a friendly and helpful person on hand if you need any advice.


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