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Black Chain Bracelet with Brass-Toned Key Charm - Size S


Handcrafted Orange Starry Solar Plexus Bracelet for Happiness & Stress Relief - Size S


Dragonfly Crystal and Agate Healing Necklace


Monthly Healing & Self-Care Surprise Kit

Brand Healing Platinum Package


Social Media Setup & Management (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, & Google +)


SEO Book Teaser - 50-99 Words


Brand Healing Gold Package


"Thank You, Mean Bird" (Grades K-2 Reading Comprehension Activity Story Book)


Quick & Tasty Vegan Recipes For Gourmet Budgeters


Upstream Parenting Book


Handcrafted Peacock Healing Gemstone Necklace


Handcrafted Healing Magnesite Necklace with Acrylic Spikes


Ultimate Eight-Card Spiritual Guidance Reading and Healing Talisman Package (88 mins Plus FREE Healing Jewelry)


The ONLY Potty Training Guide You'll Ever Need | An eBook by Lyn Lomasi | PRE-ORDER


About Me

Lyn Lomasi is founder and owner of the Brand Shamans network. She is your brand healing, soul healing, marketing & content superhero to the rescue! Running a network of websites, tackling deadlines single-handedly, and coaching fellow writers, brands, & entrepreneurs to be thought leaders is her top priority.

While rescuing civilians from boring content and brands, this awesomely crazy family conquers the world, managing Intent-sive Nature while going on Upstream Parenting adventures & lessons, sometimes in an RV. They strive to cuddle with lions and giraffes. Until then, they settle for rescue dogs and cats.

By supporting us, you support a single parent, healer, and minority small business that donates to and/or stands for several causes, including homeless pets, homeless people, trans youth, equality, helping starving artists, and more! A portion of all proceeds from our all-inclusive store, Intent-sive Nature goes toward worthy causes. For guidance in the world of freelance writing or for advice on her specialty topics, Ask Lyn.