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Music Lessons - Monthly

Play Guitar Today - Video + Resources


First Four Open Chords


Diatonic Modes - Workbook for Guitar


3 Chords - That Rule Them All


Music Theory Lectures [video course] - 4 Lectures + BONUS content


Piano Basics [video course] - Level 1


Music Theory - Cycle 5 Guide


Guitar Basics [video course] - Level 1


About Dustin

Hello Friends!!

I am a husband, father, and pastor who enjoys learning and teaching musical instruments. I play guitar and a dozen other instruments... and have worked most of my life as a professional musician. I have written a couple of helpful books, recorded hundreds of songs, taught 25,000+ lessons in person, and often create video lessons and courses to reach students around the world.

Some of those resources are available HERE in my Online Studio. Thank you for your encouragement, friendship, and support!!

Dustin Blatnik