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Riimuin kirottu, Jumalrummun I kirja --NÄYTE


About Me

Julia P. Aspenn was born with… This introduction should be written in the third person because that’s how it has been done since the times before mankind descended from the trees. Screw that. I give a hoot about the norms in pretty much all aspects of life, so why would I follow them here?


I’m Julia. I write stories. This is one of them. The first I’ve dared to publish. If I was made to describe myself with three words, I’d pick an introvert, a perfectionist, and backward. The first two have nothing special about them. Most writers are introverted perfectionists. You must be such to be able to spend hours after hours in solitude hunting typos. But why backward? Because that’s the way I do things. I knit a pullover and check the instructions only when it’s finished and looks nothing like it should, for example.


As a writer, I am old school. I’m not ashamed to admit it because to me it means trusting the readers to be willing to use their own brains and imagination instead of expecting the author to explain every twist and turn for them. I’m not ashamed of being a self-published author either. I know full well that my books aren’t sellable and fashionable enough to get accepted by a commercial publisher. However, that doesn’t mean they weren’t worth publishing, and I am happy that nowadays every story has a chance to see daylight.