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Riimuin kirottu, Jumalrummun I kirja --kansi, alkutekstit ja sisällysluettelo


Slavemarked, Braenduir Chronicles #2 SAMPLE


Runecursed, Braenduir Chronicles #1 EPUB


About Me

Julia P Aspenn was born with the overwhelming urge to write. She wrote her first novel when she was less than ten-years-old and has been scribbling stories ever since. There have been times though when she has had no interest in writing, but the dream of publishing a book one day never wholly withered. Her favored genre is fantasy, but her drawer contains drafts of other fiction and poetry as well.

She finds her inspiration in folklore, mythology, music, and northern nature. When not writing, she enjoys reading, making art, gardening, and hiking in the woods with her dogs.