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Scrolling Mitts


Bird Cage Shawl


Knot Tuned the Ballet


Tala Shawl


Knot Tuned - Symphony


I am the Storm Shawl


Tinga Tinga Tales Cowl


Disco Tuned


Follow That Stripe


Living on Floyd Time


Overgrowth Infinity Loop




Gate Post Hat


The White Queens Shawl




About Me

Eclectic Knitting Designer for the eclectic, but discerning knitter.

Mary learned to knit as a young child and it has had an impact on her life ever since. As a teen, when her friends were getting jobs at fast food restaurants, Mary worked at her LYS, where the hours and working conditions were much better.

As with many knitters, when she couldn’t find patterns for what she wanted to knit, she started designing her own.

She currently lives in Central Ohio with her three children, who also craft.

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