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MEQ Time Management Journal for Children


MEQ 21 Days Gratitude Journal for Children


MEQ Mandala Art for Children - Printable Worksheets for 8 - 17 Years


MEQ SEL Activity Book for Children - Series 1


MEQ SEL Activity Book for Children - Series 2


MEQ SEL Games for 8 to 12 years


MEQ SEL Games for Teens


MEQ Building Resilience


Mindful Affirmations Cards


Parents Life Coach Certification Program


Kids Life Coach Certification Program


SEL Educator Certification Program


MEQ Parenting Toolkit


About Meraviglia EQ Academy

We at MEQ Academy Pvt. Ltd. is a professional training & coaching and consultancy firm registered in India. We are dedicated towards spreading the benefits of SEL & Emotional Intelligence to Schools, Colleges, Corporates and Individuals. We teach the EI skills through training, certification and coaching and enable individuals, students, teachers, parents, schools, organizations, families, and communities to manage their emotions and live a positive happy life.

We have dedicated team of content writers, editors and designers involved in the development of magnificent and enriching Social Emotional Learning books for children, educators and coaches. Our team is passionate about creating content that brings smile and happiness in the lives of our readers.

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