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Welcome. Can't remember all the stuff in the ABPI learning materials? That means you need to get more ACTIVE in your learning methods, by testing your memory with mock exam multiple choice questions (MCQs).

Select from a choice of MCQ Workbooks here in the ABPI Exam Toolkit.

Or, choose a Mind Map, especially if you’re finding revising a drag (i.e. overwhelmed; pushed for time; anxious about or bored with resits; pressure of work, etc). Not only do these Mind Maps get you up to speed quickly, they help you to see the big picture, which boosts your understanding of how all bits of a topic fit together; in turn, your learning is more effective.

Don't struggle with your revision, or leave it as “multiple guess” questions, get to work with these tools - choose your Workbook or Mind Map below. These are pdf files, so please read the terms on product pages before buying.

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