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How to Create Clarity in Relationships.


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Letters to My Father, An Anthology

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About Me

My name is Nyenye Jordan. I am a Mother of 20 plus years, Wife for 20 years, Nurse for 10 years, Co-author for 3 years, Evangelist for 7 years and Entreprenuer off and on for many years. 😍 I have decided at this point in my life that I want to Live my very Best Life. I want to share my gifts, talents and insights to all who are open to receive them. There are to may people sitting on their gifts, and it results in them not yielding the results that God intended for their lives!!! The buck stops HERE!!! 😜

I have Ebooks that are designed to help the reader get a better grasp on caring for themselves. I am not just talking about a temporary fix but a plan to make self care a part of your daily routine. 👍

Are you feeling out of sorts? Do you feel invisible? Do you doubt your ability to be a "good" parent or spouse? I want you to know that there is help for you. These guides will help you develop a plan for taking care of YOU FIRST. There is no shame on takig care of you, matter of fact it is necessary. 😍
These books are for men and women of all ages. I want you to sit back and really take in this information as you prepare to implement these principles in your life. 

Welcome to the New You!!! Enjoy the Journey, 

Connect with me on my page Making Our Relationships Extraordinary