Jānis Sīklis

My name is Jānis Sīklis. I am proud to be Latvian and I was born in Latvia in 1970 in the town of Liepāja, which is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea What is most important is that I have always had a clear strategy on how to achieve desired results. I can say that I have constantly been at the right place at the right time, but, most importantly, I have had the opportunity and ability to influence other people's important decisions that have been in line with the results or goals that I wanted to achieve. The bottom line here is that since I established my own company, Baltic Sales Agency, in 1997,I have managed to deliver for BSA and my customers orders with a total value of more than 26.4 million EUR. In total, I have worked with 53 companies as BSA customers and many more during the partnership negotiations stage. More information about the impact I have personally made in the past for General Electric Harris, Bauer Group, New Eco Tec GmbH, Lifa Air, Reime Jarlso, Latvijas Energo Celtnieks (LEC), Ventspils Nafta and other well known global companies can be found at the BSA website: www.balticsalesagency.com I know that I am able to sell anything technical to any target customer and I have done so in the Energy, Environment, Construction, Real Estate, Agriculture, Green Energy, Forestry, and Chemistry sectors during the years and I have been fortunate enough to reach top decision makers and to influence them to sign contracts with me or the companies that I promote or represent. Now, after 26 years after daily sales closing work, I am investing my time in converting my practical experience, lessons learned into very valuable and unique content- books, video trainings and private consulting sessions in order to share it globally. Thanks for visiting my digital products store. In case you are looking for a sales closing advice, you can call me at+37129207407 Thank you, Janis Siklis www.janissiklis.com Youtube: Janis Siklis