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28 Days of Love: A Self-Love Journey


Self-Care Plan: Establishing Your Plan


The Anthology of My Soul


Show Up For Yourself/Ready To Receive Meditation


5 Ways To Live A Bold, Loud & Authentic Life!


Red Lips & Stilettos: A Girl's Guide To Self-Confidence!


About Me

Stylicia Bowden is an author, lifestyle blogger and speaker from Detroit, Michigan. She has appeared on numerous blogs, radio and TV shows over the last several years. Her most noted appearances have been in February, April and July 2012 issue of Essence Magazine. Ms. Bowden has self-published five literary works and recorded two poetic albums.

Over the last five years Ms. Bowden has expanded her brand beyond poetry. She created her blog, The Inspirational Corner in January 2010 to start her blogging journey. The Inspirational Corner blog is a lifestyle blog created to inspire women to establish authentic lives. The Inspirational Corner has an international readership community expanding from the US, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

In 2014, she attended a writing workshop in Paris to enhance her writing technique. The workshop helped her create a clearer vision for her writing. In January 2015, she decided to begin an online movement on Instagram by creating Red Lips & Stilettos to give women a space to be empowered, uplifted & walk in their purpose without societal validation. This Instagram movement has become a place to encourage women to embrace their feminine power and role in the world.

Upon creating this social media platform she has recently started writing her eBook series for Red Lips & Stilettos. Her first eBook for this series is entitled: Red Lips & Stilettos: A Girl’s Guide To Self-Confidence! The ebook will be released in 2016. Stylicia’s ultimate desire is to continue to allow her writing to inspire women on a global scale.