Antonio Ghura Comics

It is our privilege to be able to offer the highest quality eBooks and remaining paper copies of one of the finest underground comic writers ever to grace the "under the counter" area of any courageous purveyor of humorous literature.

Yes, we can only be talking about the unique talent that is Antonio Ghura. Described as one of the most controversial artists of the British adult comic movement in the 1980's. The man who for a short brief moment, eclipsed the achievements of such comics as distinguished as Mr. Natural, the Furry Freak Brothers, and Fritz the Cat.

We have stock of four original comics as well as ePub, CBZ and PDF eBook editions of all eight.

All digital comics have been professionally scanned and colour corrected to their original print quality.

Please note; all images on this store are 'safe for work'. The full comics are of a very adult pornographic nature and are NOT suitable for children or vulnerable adults.

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