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Self Care Printables

Printables for your personal development and to take care of your mental health


Motivational quotes and self care quotes as stickers for your journal and planner stickers. Mental health awareness stickers for personalizing your poducts

Self Care journals and spiral notebooks

Hey, Im Thandi

Well my name is way longer than that. My full name is Nkosisthandile. (Yep, I told you its long) I'm 22 years old and studying to be a dentist. To most people that seems really young to be stressed about who I want to be but I have been for about two years. It has consumed my every thought, more like haunted me. I have dreamt of that woman I strive to be and for a while, I really believed she existed only in my dreams and would never be a reality.

I was wrong. This year, 2022 I started working on myself, on my mental health and on my life. Its been hard, mostly because there wasn't much guidance for me on how I was to do it. So I struggled with how to change and what to change and maintaining the discipline to continue being on this journey. And from this place in my life, Blossom was born.

Why Name it Blossom and what does self care have to do with it

To Blossom means to mature or develop in a promising and healthy way. To blossom is to come into one's own and become evident. This word really resonated with me and it seemed like a perfect name for this community.

Blossom Self care was made for the young woman who struggles in life but doesn't want to struggle anymore. The world expects us to come into our own by ourselves but things like self doubt and fear stand in the way of that. You don't have to struggle alone anymore. For a while I struggled as well on how I could possibly become the woman I saw in my head until finally I took the steps to be who I was born to be.

Self love is the key to success. When you love someone you want them to achieve their goals and succeed through life's obstacles you would help them do that right? When you truly love someone you want all the happiness in the world for that person. Once you love yourself you will want you to be happy. You will want you to achieve your goals and aspirations in life. The love you have for yourself will drive you to reach for the stars. But it doesn't stop there, at self love.

Here is where self care comes in. When you take care of yourself holistically, you become well. That's another key to success, wellness. This is where Blossom comes in, to help you take care of your mental, your physical, your emotional and spiritual health. Self care helps you thrive in the place where you are at and this will help you get into a higher place.

Available Products

All Products are made with the vision in mind. The vision is to help young women to blossom using self care. So products you will find are self care printable worksheets, mental health printable products and journaling prompts. Work through your anxiety using the anxiety worksheets and decrease depression by using the gratitude journals and daily journals. Self care for the bad days is crucial but self discovery is neccessary to. Discover yourself by using the self discovery workbook. Set your goals by using the personal gal setting worksheet pdf or the goal setting bundle.

Freebies are available as well. Follow the link to discover more of the variety of freebies available such as the free gratitude journal, free moof tracker and free habit tracker.