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Welcome to Blossom Self Care

Inspired by the verb blossom which means to mature or develop in a promising and healthy way. I hope through interaction with my little business helps you blossom and be the best version of yourself.

Self Care Printables

Printables for your personal development and to take care of your mental health


Motivational quotes and self care quotes as stickers for your journal and planner stickers. Mental health awareness stickers for personalizing your poducts

Self Care journals and spiral notebooks

Top Products of the Week

Self care planner with 20+ pages for your self care in blue and in pink


My personal Goal Planner


Turning negative characteristics into positive character traits


Blog Posts

10 letting affirmations to release the past
Releasing the past is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. The past contains many wonderful memories, but it also holds onto negative experiences that no longer serve us in any way. It is time to release those negative experience...
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About Me

My name is Thandi and I'm so happy you are here. Blossom Self care helps you blossom into the amazing woman I know you can be. I hope you find what you are looking for but mostly I hope you truly blossom.