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Turning negative characteristics into positive character traits

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Some of the things that make us not really like ourselves are the negative characteristics we possess. Yes we are only human But sometimes we can change the negative characteristics of ourselves. We can turn the negatives into positives and here is why. We become some of the negative characteristics to defend ourselves or because we don’t know any better. These worksheets can help reverse those negatives and maybe turn them into positives.
These sheets include sections to write
*Why you have these negative character
*What steps to take in order to change this characteristic
*What positive characteristic can come from this
And many more sections to work through your negative parts and possibly turn them into positives. I am not a licensed therapist but I have used this e-book to help me come into myself. I hope they can help you too.
A preview to this e-book is available so you can see the first 2 pages.
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