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Imagine Yourself In Our Feathers: an Urgent Request for Help


Hard to write this, but needed. Mike and I are in danger of losing our roof (in 11 days as I write this, now 2 days as you read this), and our storage, with all its practical and sentimental contents, after so many months and years of trying to keep both. This isn’t a pity call, but it is a request that, if you see something you like in our shop, and you are in a place where you can do so, you show your support with sales or a contribution to our Tip Jar or by purrchasing a dose of Warm Fuzzy Feelings.

  • If you are a creative who is in need of a cover for your story, social media grrraphics to help tell the world of your creations, or who is having trouble with a Stuck or a Confusion about your work, then Contact Us and we will help you get sorted soonest!

  • If you are someone who'd like to commission a creation, whether a piece of talismanic jewelry, a Tarot Story, or a piece of Crowcheting, also Contact Us to talk about and set up your particular prrroject!

To close, a poem sharing our story, because even now, after a little more than three years, I still can’t speak about it more openly. Yay, stigma around All The Things, especially mental health and economic issues.

Imagine Yourself in our Feathers – 06-07-21

So, once upon a time, as the story goes,

we found ourselves in Ann Arbor, a'chilling our toes.

We'd come to help a friend do the things she could no longer do.

It seemed like a good deal and our options, they were few.

It sadly wasn't long before the cage door began to shut.

We stayed on however, finding always an excusing 'but’.

We fell into the trap that so many purrsons do.

Of making excuses when we oughtn't and again, our options, they were few.

So the years went by, in eternal ebb & flow

But nothing ever bad enough to make us want to go.

We'd had pets, and things were good enough,

so we stayed on through the years.

Ignoring what our guts told us, thinking they were just reflecting fears.

In a time after that, things began to truly go downhill.

Our friend got sick again, and took to it with a will.

The whats and wheres and whys aren’t really ours to know,

Just that we chose to stay with her, 'til her time it was to go.

After she’d passed on,

we lost both job and home

with no care for what we'd do or how we'd live -

we were now free to roam.

We licked our wounds as best we could,

relying on family and friends

to help keep us housed and healing-sane,

but that support, well, now it ends.

They've all done more than most,

and they've done what they can do.

But we find we still need help -

and that's when we come to you.

If you like the things you've found here

If you find you like the things we do.

Then please help us out the best you can

so we can keep creating for you.

Buy our stories, our mewsic, our poems, and more.

Shout us out to the wide world blue.

Help us get both our message and our Goodness out there,

so we can keep creating for you.

If you're a Creative who's Stuck, then come seek us out

and we'll see what all we can do,

whether Muse-Whispering, or talisman, or a reading of cards,

the thing that will best help you help you.

Or if you've a story that just needs a cover

before it can be released to the world.

Along with some graphics to help share your story

then come see us – we can help you get your stories unfurled.

If you are someone who'd like a piece of their own,

a creation to help them fly free

then talk to us, see what we can do,

see if we'll suit to a tee.

For it's not about charity or pity or shame,

it's about helping us to take off and fly.

We're quite willing to work and even more so to help

So we can all win-win-wing in the by-and-by.


Chirp, chirp! :-)

Birdy :>O<:

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