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Bold Kitten Tip Jar for Mewsic & Other Goodnesses

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If you love the things you've received
from kitten & bird
the things that you've seen, colo(u)red, yarned,
and yes, even heard.
Then help us keep going, creating for you!
Help fill our tip jar with dollars many or few.

Whatever the amount, it helps us keep writing
- it's much easier to do when the cat isn't biting.
She's fond of her foods - that's quite understood
- so any amount helps keep us to the good.

If we are inside, out of the wet and the cold.
It's much easier to bring you the creative gold.
The things you love to read, the things you love to do.
The Whole Creative Flock and the Whole Creative Zoo.

Thank you for helping us to build a firm FUNdation
so we can keep creating for you with speed and with duration
all of our ideas flying tidily in formation
and a good location in relation to narration! ;-D
You will get a PDF (121KB) file