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About Me

Shanté R. Roddy is a Master Business & Marketing Coach. She has been described as “a mastermind, disruptor of the status quo, a master collaborator and advocate for women with the desire to see all women WIN!” Daily, she lives out her motto: “We're Better Together”, as CEO of She Suite Consulting, Shanté manages a team of experts who help her lead a network and movement amplifying the influence and impact of female leaders, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In her goal to highlight the work and needs of women entrepreneurs and business owners, Shanté founded She Epic Media. She also serves as the host of She Boss Talk, an international talk show and podcast. Shante does not only seek to expand her own businesses, but also works to spotlight other business women’s gifts, stories, and voices. On a daily basis, she empowers and elevates women to dream bigger and live bigger.

She is a small business advococate and mentor who promotes the cause of entrepreneurs and small business owners around the globe.

She understands that small businesses have BIG challenges with smaller budgets to allocate towards resources and tools required to sustain a successful business. Budget should not be a barrior to getting the help you need.

We have removed the budget barrior and offer small businesses the soluntions you need and at prices you can afford. We are a one-stop shop for meeting the needs of women in business. 

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