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Art Rental Template/Agreement/Contract


Artist Commission Questionnaire TEMPLATE


Goal Worksheet and Tracker


Mentoring/Coaching with Cheryl Wilson


Instagram Marketing Planner


ART PROMPTS (64 Art Prompts!!)


Questions to Ask A Finished Painting


Certificate of Authenticity


Artist Commission Contract


Artist Receipt of Commission Completion


Abstract Painting Review Template


Artist Invoice (Excel & Word) Templates.


Abstract Expressionist Value: Gray Scale


Abstract Expressionist Compositions Part 1


Creating A Color Palette for Abstracts


About Me

My name is Cheryl Wilson & I am an Abstract Artist.  I share many tools, templates, forms, contracts I use in my own business to help with your own Artistic Journey.

Some of the documents are: Artist Commission Questionnaire, Art Prompts, Instagram Marketing Planner, Artist Commission Contract and so much more!!

Once you purchase a document I will add you to the my Artist List. Of course, you can choose to unsubscribe at any time if you wish, but I hope to send great nuggets along your way!!  Love, Cheryl