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About Me

Hi! I'm Debbi Mack, New York Times bestselling author of the Sam McRae mystery series. I've also written a young adult novel, a standalone thriller, and I've started a new and exciting mystery series, featuring female Marine veteran Erica Jensen. The first book in that series was nominated for a Shamus Award in 2021. I've also published several short stories, one of which was nominated for a Derringer Award.

I'm also a screenwriter, vlogger, blogger, book and film reviewer, and multi-media enthusiast.

You can buy my ebooks at all the major online retailers (or get them free through your local library app, subject to availablity), or buy on this store to support me directly! You also buy my audiobooks here. Just hover your mouse over the cover image to find the audio versions.

If my books aren't available at your library, please consider asking them to carry a copy or two. Or acquire the rights to lend at least the ebook version.

Check out my podcast the Crime Cafe: It's your podcasting source of great crime, suspense, and thriller writing, where I interview authors and run the occasional episode of the Old Time Radio version of the Philip Marlowe series.

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And to learn my slightly bizarre story as an indie author, read this. In essence, I'm looking back and forward simultaneously. It's like writing my memoirs in "Memento" mode. :)

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I'm also in the process of serializing my fiction and other work here.

I also teach writing classes online at Udemy and my own teaching site.

Thanks for your support. Hope you enjoy the books!