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The Opulent Optmist Spritutal Awakening


Seven Steps to Self Discovery with Sacred Scripting


21 Days of Feng Shui for Your Home!


How To Use Essential Oils to Boost Immunity & Fight Infections!


30 Days of A Sacred Self-Care Sojourn!


My Productivity Planner


Look Young & Beautiful


Your Self-Care Journal


The Anatomy of Aromatherapy


Healthy Lifestyle Assessment with The AO Scanner


Aromatherapy Makes Good Scents! How To Use Essential OIls for a Healthy, Mind, Body, & Home


About Me

Dr. Marilyn Johnson, BS, MA, ND Founder of the 49 Days 2 Fabulous Forum, is a Naturopath, Yoga Instructor, Certified Aromatherapist, Journal Writing instructor, Self-Esteem Trainer, Natural Health Practitioner and International Disease Prevention Researcher.