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Etudes for a Contemplative Ukulele


Etudes for a Blue Ukulele


Etudes for an Adventurous Ukulele


Etudes for the Ukulele

"Etudes for a Contemplative Ukulele", "Etudes for a Blue Ukulele", and "Etudes for an Adventurous Ukulele" are three booklets containing short pieces I have written and used as teaching materials. The Contemplative series is for beginners and advanced beginners. The Blue and Adventurous series are for advanced beginners and intermediate players.

Videos of each etude are available at

About Me...

I have a lifelong interest and love for a wide range of music. My piano and guitar background began with classical music. I discovered the ukulele in 2010, and began teaching fingerstyle ukulele to adults at the beginning and intermediate levels.