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8 Week Chakra Revival Series | DAY Virtual Rate


8 Week Chakra Revival Series | FULL Virtual Package


8 Week Chakra Revival Series | DAY Rate


8 Week Chakra Revival Series | FULL Package


7 Day Cleanse Chakra Cleanse

About Me

“Go Green Fashionista” is a movement honoring environmental awareness, holistic living, and eco friendly fashion since 2008. The focus is for patrons to be informed and inspired by holistic and cost effective habits in relations to the earth. Companies present their “green” products from natural soaps and candles, organic skin and hair care; to vegetarian food, natural juices and more. Unique environmental friendly companies such as organic household items, biodegradable products, and eco-friendly jewelry to name a few will have you eager for more!

It’s high fashion at its smartest! You’ll learn how to “go green” in fashion with vintage stylists and fashion designers who specialize in creating their collections using eco-friendly and reused material.

 Information on various plants and herbs, yoga, fitness, and for your pleasure, healing massages and acupuncture link ups.

This eco loving movement will have you leaving this site feeling creative, health conscious, mind healing, and more caring to mother earth. With the help of these earth friendly companies based all over the world, “Go Green Fashionista” will introduce this important era of living to YOU; the intrigued, the health enthusiast, the yoga addict, the tree hugger, and the fashionista!