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Welcome to the World of Groovelates


My name's Jo Everill-Taylor and I'm an educator and course creator in health and fitness.

I love helping other fitness and dance instructors improve their income and make their lives easier with our pre-choreographed group exercise classes and music mixes.

Groovelates™ is a pre-choreographed class concept combining Pilates-inspired exercise and dance

"Where Disco Meets Pilates!"

If you are a qualified fitness or dance instructor, you can sign up for any of our Groovelates Programmes here and learn how to deliver them to your groups.

Each Groovelates release has a different Mixtape and choreography.

Your first purchase includes your accreditation to be a Groovelates Ambassador.

All subsequent purchases are then half price making it a cost-effective way to fill your classes.

You receive full brand support without any on-going licence fees.

Click on a release above to see which music mix is included and full details about what you get for your money!

Please message me with any questions.

Have fun!

Jo x

Groovelates-Try Before You Train Video

We train fitness instructors to run Groovelates classes

   Set up new classes quickly and easily

   Add a new income stream to your business

   Keep members coming back for more

   Pre-planned so all the hard work is done for you

   Use music your members will know and love

   Effective use of your time and energy

   Full support from our Groovelates family

Pre-Done Classes

We do the hard work so you don't have to!

Join our Ambassador Team

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