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About Me

Mandy Jackson-Beverly is a bibliophile with a preference for stories drenched in magic, the occult, and complex characters of the human and supernatural kind. She writes about the darkness lurking around us and the light that keeps it at bay.
Born in Pyramid Hill, Victoria, Australia—population 419—Mandy grew up around the rugged coastline and rolling hills of Tasmania. Upon moving to England, she discovered the tantalizing London fashion scene and fell in love with the concept of the creative collective. Later in Los Angeles, she found her creative freedom among the thriving, no-holds-barred visionaries of the music video world. 
Mandy has worked as a costume designer and stylist for an array of creative dynamos including photographer Herb Ritts; directors Joel and Ethan Coen, David Fincher, Diane Keaton, and Julien Temple; and music icons David Bowie, Madonna, George Michael, and Tina Turner. She taught high school art and theater, Advanced Placement art programs, and contributed blogs to The Huffington Post. She is a book reviewer for the New York Journal of Books and a founding member of A Time to Speak, a speaker series focusing on subjects related to the environment and humanities. Mandy teaches workshops at writers conferences and is a writing coach and public speaker. These days she lives in Ojai, California, and spins dark stories for her readers’ pleasure as well as her own.
When Mandy’s not writing or reading, she’s cooking, painting, dancing, or on walkabout—hopefully, somewhere in Europe.
Author of A Secret Muse, The Devil And The Muse, The Legend of Astridr: Birth, and The Immortal Muse.
You can find Mandy via her website at

The Legend of Astridr: Birth - A Creatives Series Novella
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A Legend Born From Love and Magic

Before The Allegiance came Astridr, whose legend began long before her birth.

When the imprisoned seer Sonja is liberated by thirteen Viking warriors, a storm takes the lives of her rescuers and she's left dying and alone. The fae prince Hakon hears her cries--as does Freyja, goddess of the underworld, who arrives to negotiate for Sonja's soul.

In love and sacrifice, Sonja survives to bear a daughter, Astridr--while the bargain between the fae prince and the goddess lays the foundation for an immortal's legend.

This novella contains 5 full-colored illustrations!

"I've read the entire Creatives Series and love it. Well-written, interesting characters, great villain/evil, depth of research is outstanding. Grabbed me from the beginning and I zoomed through all three books and then the novella. Can't wait to read what Mandy writes next!"
Kathleen Kaiser
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