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About Me

I am Stella, I am Italian and I live in Rome.
I am a medical doctor by training and professional background, and until not long time ago I have worked with a big international humanitarian organization as humanitarian doctor, mainly in the African continent, where I also spent my childhood (in DRC).

I have taken back in hands needles during my first pregnancy (after a long time not knitting) and soon knitting became an obsession!
Designing has been just the next step, and I discovered that I love the sense of freedom and self-expression that designing gives me.

Design allows me to explore techniques, styles, and the endless possibilities you have with a thread of yarn and needles in your hands!
I cannot define my style, I am quite eclectic in style and colors: I like everything, because, as in the real life, I never feel the same, and not two days are identical.
Nevertheless, I have a preference for classical designs, revisited with a touch of modernity. But my style is a work in progress, as I am as person! No one knows what I will be tomorrow! :)

Knitting is first of all having and sharing fun.
Inclusion is a pillar of my life. So, everyone is welcome to share opinions, to comments, to reach me out for any reason.
I write my patterns in (an awful) English just because that is easier for me and hope to reach as many people as possible, and I rely on a dear friend for translation into Italian. If you are interested in translating one of them in your own language, just let me know!
If you cannot afford the price I ask for my patterns, but still would like to purchase one, please get in touch.
If you have any kind of question, comment, suggestion or like to exchange opinions on anything related to knitting, feel free to drop a line!