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You and Your Personal Style: the Course Pack


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About Me

Salut, I'm Silvia!

Style Coach and Personal Style Content Creator.

Since 2017, I've been dedicated to helping women define- or redefine- their personal style at their current life stage, so that they can more confidently express their inner world to the outer one through it.

Because confidently owning your unique brand of personal style can bring immense value to both your personal and your professional life. 

And this is something I have learned not only based on a lifelong study of fashion, beauty, style and self-growth... But also something I've experienced in my own right.

The first time I started looking at my personal style as a means of self-expression, I was in a point of mental transition and growing.
I didn't feel like my outer image reflected who I was inside anymore.

So I ended up willing myself to take "risks" (as in, deciding to finally express myself through my style exactly as I wanted to).
And it was like a light bulb went off!

My mood, self-confidence and happiness with my appearance shot through the roof.
Because finally, the person I was seeing in the mirror fully reflected who I felt like inside!

Now, I want to coach other women who are at a transition point in their lives through their own style journey.

So if you are now maybe finishing your studies...
Or changing careers...
If you are a new mom...
Or if you are hitting a milestone age...
I am dedicated to helping you transition your style into one that celebrates that new "you".

Because I know that at the end, you will be able to more confidently express your inner world to the outer one through your personal style!

And since I know confidence comes from solid knowledge, I've created You and Your Personal Style: The Course Pack- my 5 step course dedicated to helping you define, redefine and elevate your personal style.
So that you can start the journey towards living your best, most confident life- in your skin, and in your clothes!

And building on it, I further launched my course-based Style Storyteller Coaching Program.
Because I want to make sure that once you onboard this course, it really transforms your life for the best.


Good to know:
1. You and Your Personal Style consists of:
5 Lessons
+ 5 adjacent Printables.

2. The course Lessons are available in bookebook or video format (so you can use the right medium for YOU and your learning preferences).
The Printables are identical for all formats.

3. The Course Pack contains all 3 formats + 1 complementary Personal Styling Q&A session with me, for maximum value in your learning process- making it the perfect DIY route for women who want to elevate their style, while already having their inner image aligned with their outer one.
The Style Coaching Program provides a truly transformative experience for women who want to unlock the confidence in telling their unique story through their style.

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5. Not sure whether it's worth your money? (Spoiler alert: it totally is!) Then ask a friend to weigh in, via the Refer a friend link! If you're both convinced, you both get 25% OFF once they purchase!


Terms & Conditions:

Use of this course:

This course provides you with a framework for understanding, defining and levelling up your own personal style. However, the only person who holds the key to your transformation is you, by thoroughly reading, watching and implementing the information in the course.

As I know that implementation is usually the hardest part of any life transformation, I wanted to also offer you my help with better and faster implementing the knowledge in this course (plus with helping you create a personalized plan for your personal style) through Style Coaching.

If you are ready to start exploring your style journey with the help of a coach, don't wait to book your first free call with me! There, we will discuss and evaluate if we are the right fit for each other- so you can ultimately achieve the best results, with the best tools for you.

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