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Labyrinth Cowl


Tornadoes in Kansas


Kisses from Me to You


Calm Oceans


In the Forest


About Me

Hi! I'm Catherine Whelan and the face behind Snooptigger Crafts. I create knitting patterns for knitters nerds and knitters who like a mindless knit. I want you to be able to have a meditative knitting experience or spending time knitting to your favourite movie or tv show! I would love to talk to you about your favourite shows and movies.

If you ever need assistance or have questions while knitting one of my patterns, please contact me as I would love to be able to help you out. All my patterns are tech edited and test knit to ensure that they are accurate and have clear instructions.

All patterns have 2 PDFs.  One of them is a low vision version of the pattern.  This means that they are fully written out and are all at size 24 point font and should be screen reader friendly.  If you have any issues at all with this, please do tell me as I want all my patterns to be as accessible as possible.