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Velvet Karatzas On Interior Design Masterclass

How to Create a Moodboard - Mapping a Design Strategy the Easy Way


What You Can Do After Completing the Interior Design Course:

  • Define the intent of any design project.
  • Understand how to create design flow.
  • Understand the value of texture.
  • Develop an interior style concept that fits you.
  • Create visual stories after your own voice.
  • Match patterns.
  • Understand how colors interact within a space.
  • Develop a better understanding of various materials.
  • Develop an understanding of light within a space.
  • Create balanced compositions.
  • Create conversation between your favorite pieces.
  • Use sight lines to guide the eyes.
  • Finesse your eye so you can edit your space with confidence.
  • Learn to do your research before reaching a design decision.