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The 5 'Must-Have' Pages Every Website Should Have to Make an Impact on your Audience! (do you have them on yours?)


How to Personalise Your Content Marketing for Your Unique Customers


Let's Organize Our Tiny Biz Management & Content (Video/Course/Workbook/Cheatsheet included)


From Creating Low-Ticket Offers to Creating a Stunning Product Suite


Create your own stunning 'Mystical Purple' minimalist Website in Canva


Create your Tiny Biz Website in an Afternoon


Vivien's Vip Day: Your Brand New Website set up!

Create your own stunning website for your online course in Canva


Create your own Stunning Colorful Art/Crafts Website in an Afternoon in Canva


Create your own stunning colorful art or photography Portfolio Website in Canva


Create your own Minimalist Portfolio Website!


Create your own stunning 'Services you Offer' Website in Canva


Design your own exclusive 'Welcome Package' for your Clients or Students


3 must-have templates starter pack for your tiny business (3 customizable templates in Canva)


Design a Proposal Plan for your clients


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