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Daisy shawl crochet pattern


Marigold shawl crochet pattern


Rainbow shawl – crochet pattern


Phyllite shawl – Tunisian crochet shawl pattern


Darova shawl filet crochet pattern


Sporeprint sweater - Tunisian crochet pattern


Leaf pot holder - Tunisian crochet pattern


Morning glory shawl crochet pattern


Fiery opal shawl - Tunisian crochet pattern


Rainbow aurora capelet pattern


Sweet pea shawl crochet pattern


Murani dish cloth - Tunisian crochet and cross stitch pattern


Quadrillium cowl Tunisian crochet pattern


Macaw wings shawl Tunisian crochet pattern


Dipped in Honey shawl


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About Me

I love designing crochet patterns, coming up with ways to use wonderful yarns. Gradients and natural colors are my favorites to play with. Simple, elegant textures, interesting shapes and pretty colors all come together in my designs.

I started crocheting in 2014, designing in 2015 and publishing my designs in 2016. You'll find my blog here, on my website,