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1 Hour consultation

Cronometer analysis, comprehensive report & recommendations

Cronometer analysis with 1 hour consultation

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"I had one session with Zuzana to get feedback about my raw vegan way of eating, and she gave me a great amount of useful and eye-opening information. The format was very "hands-on," and I enjoyed it. Zuzana has a very fresh, open approach and gave me many details about improving my daily habits, with practical examples that will be easy for me to implement. Zuzana has a profound knowledge of nutrition and is very generous with it. Her positive and can-do attitude is a real asset, and I lovingly recommend her work. I will get back in touch with her whenever I need advice!"

— Shivani, Switzerland

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“Zuzana is a fantastic coach, and not just that, she has become a real friend to me. She offers science-based and precise nutrition and lifestyle coaching while being an absolute sweetheart and a person you can count on when needed (she has always answered all my questions ASAP!). Thanks to her guidance, not only have I realized the importance of certain essential nutrients that my diet is lacking, but I also have been able to identify and correct recurrent mistakes I was making in my dietary pattern and food choices”.

— Francesca, Switzerland

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"I had already consulted a lot of nutritionists - including those who specialize in raw vegan diets. But Zuzana was the only one who showed me a clear path that was also fun. I understood the connections between nutrition. She does it in a very loving, empathetic, and experienced way. I can only recommend her to anyone who wants to achieve health and happiness and will undoubtedly seek her advice more often - because she has extensive knowledge. Thank you, Zuzana."

— Maja, Germany