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10 Black Athletes Who Changed The World

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Meet athletes from the 20th Century that were pioneers in the world of sports. As black athletes, they changed the world! Students read about these skilled athletes and create a booklet about each man and women in 10 Black Athletes Who Changed the World Lapbook. The booklets become part of a keepsake lapbook your children will treasure. If your children love sports, they will enjoy learning history through athletics! 
Meredith Curtis and Laura Nolette have come up with a great way for homeschoolers to learn about African Americans who broke the color barrier in the world of sports. Your children will love learning about Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Jesse Owens, black athletes while they create a bright, colorful lapbook. 

Your children will learn about...
  • Jack Johnson (Boxing)
  • Jesse Owens (Track & Field)
  • Joe Louis (Boxing)
  • Jackie Robinson (Baseball)
  • Althea Gibson (Tennis)
  • Ernie Davis (Football)
  • Arthur Ashe (Tennis)
  • Hank Aaron (Baseball)
  • Michael Jordan (Baseball)
  • Tiger Woods (Golf)

Learn history the fun way with lapbooks. If you have a sports fan, they will love this lapbook!
Series: Homeschooling High School to Glory of God
Author: Meredith Curtis
Publisher: Powerline Productions
PDF File: 44 pages (Downloadable e-Book File)
Age/Grade: Elementary, Middle
You will get a PDF (5MB) file

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