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Let's Have Our Own Victorian Tea

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Do you ever imagine yourself living back in Victoria Times at a tea party sipping tea from a porcelain teacup?

There’s something so romantic about tea parties, especially if it’s a Victorian Tea Party. So, get ready to dress up and decorate with roses and lace to create your very own Victorian Tea.

In Let's Have Our Own Victorian Tea, learn how Meredith has hosted her own Victorian Tea including setting up/decorating the venue, scheduling the event, planning the menu, and dressing for the occasion. All plans are created to be adaptable to you and your family. The planning process is broken down to keep it simple. We have included conversation starters, hostess descriptions, decorating tips, fashion tips, Victorian poetry, and tons of recipes! You and your guests will have a cozy, elegant time.

BONUS GIFT: templates to make your own lovely cardstock teacup 

Whether you are studying the Victorian Age or just want to have a special celebration, Let’s Have Our Own Victorian Tea will take you step-by-step through the process of planning and hosting a Victorian Tea Party.

Starting out with a peek inside Queen Victoria and her family’s life, you will learn about fashion, culture, and tea parties. What was a tea party like in Victorian England? How can you bring all that you learn together in your own event?

This is such a fun way to learn! Or a great way complete a unit study on the Victorian Age, Charles Dickens, Anne of Green Gables, Little Women, or tea!
We have included fashion ideas, crafts, and recipes!

You will receive helps & tips on...
  • How to Decorate
  • What to Wear
  • Icebreakers
  • Delicious Recipes
  • How to Set Up the Venue & Buffet Tables (complete with diagrams)
  • Who You Need on Your Team
  • Team Member Responsibilities
  • How to Greet Guests

You will also learn all about Victorian Times:
  • Queen Victoria
  • Prince Albert
  • Children of Albert & Victoria
  • Fashion
  • Manners
  • Food
  • Royal Family Education
  • History of Tea
  • History of Tea Parties
  • Tea Shoppes
  • High Tea
  • Cream Tea

Here are the chapters in Let's Have Our Own Victorian Tea:
  • How the British Took to Drinking Tea
  • Queen Victoria & Her Family 
  • Life in Victorian England 
  • Tea Time
  • A Victorian Tea Party
  • Our Victorian Tea Parties
  • Let's Plan the Victorian Tea Party
  • Setting Up the Tea
  • Victorian Tea Party Itinerary
  • Dressing & Crafting for the Tea Party
  • Victorian Poetry to Enjoy & Recite
  • Recipes
  • Resources for Studying Victorian Times

Author: Meredith Curtis
Publisher: Powerline Productions
Series: Travel God's World & Teach History the Fun Way
Age/Grade: Elementary, Middle, High, Adult, Everyone!
Pages: 123
You will get a PDF (13MB) file

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