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Let's Have Our Own Luau

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Do you want to have more fun when you teach history?

Do you want to make memories with your children that will be fun for the entire family?

What could be more fun than a luau? Just think sunshine, tropical decorations, Polynesian food, swimming, games, and lots of laughter!

If that thought sounds amazing, but overwhelms you, sit back and relax. Meredith has hosted many luaus and she will show you step-by-step how to pull off this festive, tropical experience. In fact, you can have fun right along with your children.

Learn how Meredith has hosted her own luau, set up/decorated the venue, scheduled the event, planned the menu, and dressed for the occasion. All plans are created to be adaptable to you and your family.

You will Receive Helps & Tips on...
  • How to Decorate
  • What to Wear
  • Creative Games
  • Delicious Recipes
  • How to Set Up the Venue (complete with diagrams)
  • Who You Need on Your Team
  • Team Member Responsibilities
  • How to Greet Guests
  • What Kind of Music to Play

The planning process is broken down to keep it simple. We have included game ideas, job descriptions, decorating tips, and tons of recipes! You and your guests will have a blast!

You will also Learn all about Breathtakingly Beautiful Hawaii: 
  • Hawaiian hospitality 
  • Beaches
  • Waves Surfing 
  • The Pipeline
  • Flowers 
  • Leis 
  • Volcanoes
  • Sugar Plantations
  • Pineapple Plantations
  • Kona Coffee
  • Geography: Crossroads of the Pacific
  • Original Settlers
  • Hula
  • Captain Cook & The Sandwich Islands
  • Missionaries
  • Muumuus
  • Coral Church
  • US Navy & Pearl Harbor
  • Hawaii Joins the USA
  • Dolphins

Here are the Chapters in this Book:
  • Our Hawaiian Adventure
  • Enjoying Hawaiian Hospitality
  • A Hawaiian Luau
  • What Would You Eat at a Hawaiian Luau
  • Our Luaus
  • Let's Plan the Luau
  • Setting Up for the Luau
  • Luau Itinerary
  • Dressing for the Luau
  • Recipes
  • Resources for Studying Hawaii

Series: Teach History the Fun Way/Teach Geography the Fun Way
Author: Meredith Curtis 
Publisher: Powerline Productions
Paperback: 81 pages
Age/Grade: Preschool to Adult will enjoy the Luau, Middle School to Adult for Using this book to plan a luau!
You will get a PDF (8MB) file

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