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Travel The World Country Report

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Are you looking for an easier way to teach children to research?

Are you interested in learning about a foreign country?

You and your children can go on a grand adventure with Travel The World Country Report Lapbook, created for older children through middle school. Children choose a country, go to the library, check out books on their chosen country, and learn all about it. Then, they turn their research into a creative project. Who says only little ones can make a lapbook? The process of research is turned to fun when you create little booklets telling all about your chosen country. 

Let's visit another country and learn all about it.  Then we can turn our research into a treasured keepsake.  
Meredith and Laura excited to share with you this fun research tool in a handy-dandy lapbook. Enjoy this special research lapbook that can be used for any country in the whole world with the entire family.

Here’s how it works:
  • Go to the library and check out books on your country
  • Read books and fill out little booklets on language, government, economy, animals, plants, people, religion, Christianity, geography, education, and cities.
  • Make a map of your country using lines of longitude and latitude
  • Make a flag
  • Highlight your country on a continent map (provided in this book)
  • Glue the booklets to specially folded file folders

Step-by-step instructions are given so that you can put together each booklet and the lapbook itself. This is much more fun that a typical country report. Once you're finished, you have a keepsake to treasure forever.
Made with love, each booklet is designed to help children share what they've learned in a clear, concise way. 
Your students will learn... 
  • How to research 
  • Questions to ask when researching a country
  • To use a map grid to make a map
  • To create map symbols
  • Country landmarks
  • Physical geography
  • Flora & fauna (plants and animals)
  • Economy, climate, cities, government, military, language
  • Religion, education, agriculture
  • Mark country location on a continent map 
  • Here are the sections in Travel The World Country Report Lapbook: 
  • How to Use a Lapbook
  • Country Report Research 
  • Put Together Your Lapbook 
  • Sample Lapbook Photos
  • Country Name & Flag
  • About Maps
  • Map Grid 
  • Symbols You Can Use
  • Famous Landmarks & Symbols
  • Geography Landforms
  • Plants & Animals
  • Economics & Climate
  • Cities & Military
  • Government
  • Language & Christianity
  • Religion & Population
  • Education, Agriculture, Resources 
  • Continental Map
  • Resources 
Please adapt this unit study/lapbook however you need to so that it will work for your family!
Series: Travel God's World 
Authors: Meredith Curtis & Laura Nolette 
Publisher: Powerline Productions
PDF File: 210 pages (Downloadable e-book file)
Age/Grade: Elementary & Middle School
You will get a PDF (6MB) file

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