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God Bless the USA Exploring States & Territories

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Let's go on an adventure together! We can travel across the USA together to visit 50 states, 5 territories, and 1 district in this amazing geography curriculum. We'll visit beautiful parks, historic landmarks, bustling cities, and quaint towns as we discover our vast country. We'll see America in ways we've never seen before!

What fun you and your family or homeschool co-op will have exploring and learning together! We will drive, hike, swim, sail, and explore exciting destinations from sea to shining sea. Get ready to encounter the unique things that make each state special. This geography adventure introduces students to rivers, oceans, lakes, forests, mountains, caves, and other landforms. We will discover cities, highways, companies, churches, museums, and fun plans to explore. Students will map, research, draw, and travel from state to state.

Most students don’t get to do this, but we will visit our five inhabited territories and one district at the end of the year. We will have a blast learning together! For extra fun, add God Bless the USA Cookbook to your US Geography course.

Learn Geography the Fun Way!

Travel is my favorite way to learn geography. If you can't visit our 50 states in person, then God Bless the USA States & Territories is the Next Best Thing! We explore each state as if we are on a trip exploring the exciting spots.

Here's how God Bless the USA Exploring States & Territories works! After an introduction looking at the entire country, we will study the states region by region.

Each state regional section opens with an introduction and mapping assignments.

Overview of Region

  • List of States (or territories) in Region
  • Map of USA—student colors in region
  • Regional Resources
  • Regional Climate
  • Regional Culture/Food
  • Regional Blank Outline Map with Directions to Create Own Map (not for territories)
  • Students make a map key and create a map with landforms, the capital of each state, and the name of each state.

After the introduction to the region, we learn about each state! Four pages are devoted to every state and inhabited territory.

Individual State Studies: First Two Pages

Highlights from Each State

  • We can’t see everything in every state. I wish we could. Highlighting landmarks, special places, and fun spots to visit, we spend two pages per state taking our own personal tour.
  • The reader and the author (me!) visit beaches, museums, presidential homes, caves, ghost towns, and gardens. We go sightseeing, swimming, hiking, spelunking, boating, horseback riding, and driving to explore the USA.


  • In the first two pages of each section, I give a brief overview of the physical geography and climate in one paragraph.
  • In the course introduction, I share a basic geography map of the different physical geographical zones (coastal lowlands, Rocky Mountains) across the country.
  • There is a bigger map of the USA’s Physical Geography in the “Resources” section of the book with detailed descriptions of each one. Please encourage student to use this!


  • Brief climate description
  • In the course introduction, I introduce a climate map (Koppen Climate Zones) giving a birds-eye view the nation’s climate.
  • For a bigger map and more details in the description, use “Resources” section of the book. Please encourage student to use this!

Business & Farming

  • Manufacturing
  • Farming
  • Ranching
  • Fishing and the lumber industry are mentioned if it is an important part of the economy or culture.
  • Mining.
Did you know every state mines something?

When I think of mining, coal, gold, and silver come to my mind. While those are mined in the USA, there are many things that are mined that you haven probably never thought or heard of before.

Individual State Studies: Third Page

  • The third page has a map (with bodies of water, cities, and major highways) with simple instructions.


  • Students circle capital and biggest cities (in population).
  • Students answer fill-in-the-blank questions based on the map.
  • Individual State Studies: Fourth Page

Research is an important life skill, so we give you one page of research for each state and territory.

  • Capital
  • State (or Territory) Bird
  • State (or Territory) Flower
  • State (or Territory) Fun
  • Largest Lake
  • Largest River
  • Statehood Date
  • Fun Fact
  • Places to Visit
  • Drawing

The flag and seal are on this page in full color (eBook) or black and white (print book)
Students draw the flag.

Are you ready for a grand adventure from sea to shining sea? Join us today and learn geography the fun way with Travel God’s World!
You will get a PDF (35MB) file

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