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Celebrate Christmas in Colonial America Unit Study E-book by Meredith Curtis

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Looking for a unit study for December that the whole family will enjoy?

Dig deeper into America’s Colonial era. This four week unit study is set in Colonial times. In Celebrate Christmas in Colonial America, learn how they celebrated Christmas in Colonial Days! With hospitality devotions to start each day and information about Colonial Times to read aloud, your children will be learning about history and God’s Word!

With suggestions for family read aloud fun and hands-on activities, this book is filled with craft, recipe, and project ideas to make Colonial Times come alive. Make Christmas presents and make Christmas cards with feather pens and berry ink. Set a table Colonial style with a handmade centerpiece.

Learn about life at sea! This unit ends with a Christmas Tea or French & Indian War Airsoft party, depending on your children’s interest. We have enjoyed doing Christmas unit studies in December, taking a little break from our more rigorous year.

Bible: Hospitality Devotions

History: Christmas Celebrations in Colonial America Jamestown Plymouth Sea Travel Education Daily Life Virginia New England Moravians Huguenots Swedish Lutherans Great Awakening French & Indian War Trades George & Martha Washington

Geography & Science: Label map of 13 colonies Pineapples Cranberries

Writing/Poetry: Dictations/Copying Sea Life vocabulary What would you take to sea? Letter to Pastor John Write a Hymn Gift Wit and Rhymes Huguenot Diary Trade Report Write Story set in Colonial America Write Colonial Christmas Booklet

Music/Art/Philosophy: Make & Illustrate Timeline Pilgrim Paintings Draw Colonial Family Listen to Handel’s Messiah Sing Christmas Carols Discuss Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God Photograph projects Illustrate Christmas Booklet

Homemaking: Lots of Cooking & Baking (see recipes below) Core & dry Apples Menu Planning & Shopping Fix a Colonial Meal Polish Silver Set Table Colonial Style Decorate Christmas Tree Wrapping Presents Setting up Nativity Scene Plan End-of-Unit Party

Crafts/Activities/Games: Play Made for Trade Make a Pomander Ball Make a Compass Identify Parts of a Ship Plant Corn like Pilgrims Make “Parchment” Paper Make Berry Ink Make Quill Pen Make a Horn Book Make Fruit Pyramid Decorate House Colonial Style Make Pineapple Centerpiece Make Christmas Wreaths Straw Ornaments French Minuet English Country Dance Make Colonial Architecture & Furniture Poster Make Oatmeal Box Cradle Act out French & Indian War & Videotape Make Display Table

Hospitality: Colonial Meal for Family Make Christmas Gift List & Shop Invite Another Family to Dinner Plate of Cookies to Neighbors Tea or Airsoft Party

Virtual Field Trips: Jamestown Several related to Pilgrims Sturbridge Village Williamsburg Mt. Vernon

Bonus: Historic Documents Mayflower Compact Constitution of Connecticut Declaration of Independence

Bonus: Colonial Christmas Carols The Snow Lay on the Ground The First Noel God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Coventry Carol Hark, the Herald Angels Sing Joy to the World The Holly and the Ivy I Saw Three Ships

Books & Materials Needed in Unit Study:
Made for Trade (Board Game)
Music CD Handel’s "Messiah"
…If You Lived in Colonial Times by Ann Mc Govern; Scholastic; New York, 1992 …
If You Grew up with George Washington by Ruth Belov Gross, Scholastic, New York
…If You Lived in Williamsburg in Colonial Days by Barbara Brenner, (Colonial Williamsburg Foundation), Scholastic, New York

Series: Teach History the Fun Way & Celebrate
Author: Meredith Curtis
Publisher: Powerline Productions
E-book: 179 pages
Age/Grade: Elementary & Middle School

You will get a PDF (12MB) file