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My Creation Week Lapbook is an engaging 8-week themed Bible & STEM study on the very fist week of world history when God created the heavens and the earth. 

My Creation Week Lapbook looks at Genesis 1 day by day. You will read a Scripture passage together, work on Bible memory using Scripture memory cards and handwriting pages, enjoy a hands-on activity, and make a booklet for each day of Creation.  

Made with love, each booklet is designed to awe students with the power and majesty of God the Creator. 

The themed study lasts 8 weeks. Here is the plan for each day of the week:
Day 1: Read Scripture, say memory verse together, and discuss what God did that day
Day 2: Review lesson, say memory verse together, and color/decorate handwriting page
Day 3: Review lesson, say memory verse together, make Creation booklet, and paste booklet into lapbook
Day 4: Review lesson, say memory verse together, and copy memory verse onto handwriting page
Day 5: Review lesson, say memory verse together, and do hands-on learning activity together. 

Hands-on Learning Activities include: 

  • Using a Prism
  • Why Do Ice Cubes Float?
  • Plant a Seed
  • Make a Model of Sun, Moon, & Earth
  • Bird Watching 
  • Collage of Land Animals
  • Resting & Sleeping Photos
  • Make Lapbook Booklets

Added Bonus: 
We have also included 16 beautiful Scripture memory cards that you can print on cardstock and use for Bible memory work. 

Scripture Memory Work:
Week 1 Before Creation Week: 
Colossians 1:15-17
John 1:1-3

Week 2 Creation Day 1: 
Genesis 1:1, 3-5
John 1:4-5

Week 3 Creation Day 2: 
Genesis 1:6-8
John 7:37-38

Week 4 Creation Day 3: 
Genesis 1:9-11
John 15:5

Week 5 Creation Day 4: 
Genesis 1:14-16
Revelation 22:5

Week 6 Creation Day 5: 
Genesis 1:20-23
Matthew 4:19-20

Week 7 Creation Day 6: 
Genesis 1:24, 26
I John 3:2

Week 8 Creation Day 7: 
Genesis 2:1-3
Hebrews 4:9-10

Of course, this unit study is no longer mine as I give it to you. Please adapt it however you need to so that it will work for your family!
You will get a PDF (33MB) file

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