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Whiskey Sour (& Other Stories)

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A Collection of Three Short Stories Set in the Demons of Oblivion-verse.

Whiskey Sour: One night without protection led to French-Canadian fae bartender Juliette Aubrey catching lycanthropy. Now half faerie, half werewolf, and entirely pissed off, Juliette has the chance for revenge when the last person she wants to see strolls into her bar needing help. (6100 words)

A Vampire Walked Into a Bar: Pat knows there are vampires in his city, and now he has visual proof. He’s set up a meeting with someone who might be able to stop them…but there’s a vampire or two who might have something to say about that. (6100 words)

Zombie Faeries: When a vampire entered her territory uninvited, faerwolf Juliette Aubrey decided to teach her a lesson. Unfortunately for her, that vampire is Zara Lain. And unfortunately for the both of them, they aren’t the only big, bad creatures of the night in the cemetery when they meet. (4700 words)


Also includes the first chapter of Bloolines.

Whiskey Sour originally appeared in the anthology Bad-Ass Faeries 2: Just Plain Bad.

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