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10 Image Scenario Lessons

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The 10 lessons in this book have been designed based on my experience and interaction with countless students and teachers both in the physical and virtual classroom and their feedback about the lack of opportunity for creative and spontaneous use of language in the classroom context.

I hope these lessons give your students the opportunity to develop their linguistic skills but also to think about and develop the soft-skills and interpersonal skills that are often neglected by an over emphasis on vocabulary and grammatical structure as the primary means of communication.

Communicating, as students soon discover in the real world, is so much more than connecting together some structures around key vocabulary. It is a messy process that requires negotiation, collaboration and a degree of sensitivity and compromise. I hope that these lessons give your students a greater opportunity to develop those skills and make them better prepared for the real world of language use.
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Image Scenarios - The Meeting


Exploiting Infographics


The Girl & the Tiger - Lesson Plan


Image Scenarios - The Cafe


Conversation & Listening - Book 1 - Blended Learning Edition


Hacking Creativity


The Crime - Lesson Plan


10 Short Image Lessons


Friendship and Feet - Lesson Plan


Digital Tools for Teachers - Trainers' Edition V.2